Protect your home during this year’s Olympics

With the London 2012 Olympic Games around the corner, a number of lucky ticketholders will be watching the games live and cheering their country on or attending Olympic Games parties. This means that some of our precious homes and possessions will be left alone over this period, providing the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike and meaning that home insurance from a provider like Castle Cover Insurance is essential to protect our investments. You should also have a suitable home insurance policy in place if you are thinking of having any parties to celebrate the Olympic Games. After all, you may be opening yourself up to possible accidents or theft if you leave your home open to visitors; and for this reason, you need to protect yourself.

Having a comprehensive home insurance policy will provide assistance if the worst should happen; however, it is better to take measures to prevent intruders entering your home in the first place – after all, prevention is better than the cure. Perhaps the most important measure to take is to get a home security system fitted. A functioning alarm system will not only help deter burglars, but it might also reduce your insurance premiums depending on the insurer. Motion-sensing lights can also have the same effect and will discourage burglars from approaching your property in the first.

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but you would be surprised how many homes don’t have properly-secured windows and doors – high quality locks are well worth the investment and shouldn’t be avoided. A number of people choose to leave the lights on their home when it is left unattended for a significant period of time in a bid to trick thieves into thinking there is somebody at home. However, it is important to remember that burglars are clever and most will see through this ploy. It might be better to invest in a self-timer for your lighting system.

For any valuables you do have that can be easily stored away from view, make sure that you do just that. Try and avoid hiding these possessions in obvious places – like under your mattress – as most thieves will tend to check these areas first. Why not store them in your attic or invest in a built-in safe instead? It also makes sense to keep a detailed inventory of the valuables contained in your property, as this will help the police and your insurance company deal with replacing and recovering any stolen property in the event of burglary. You can find more information about protecting your property at

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