Planning a Surprise Pension Party

If you want to do something special for a retirement party, nothing works better than surprising the actual retiree by keeping an event when she or he thinks that all the actual festivities are already prepared and announced. Below are a few strategies for planning a surprise retirement party.

Initial, select a date and site that will not raise any kind of suspicion on the part of the retiree. This means staying away from the usual settings, such as the conference room at the office or a restaurant that’s known for catering large parties. Having the individual show up for a specific meeting at a residence of worship or at a regularly slated meeting of a social club that he or she might attend normally needs to be adequate cover for the surprise retirement celebration.

As far as the visitor list, the number of persons invited can be as personal or as wide as the planners would really like. The only real constraint would be the size of the facility where the retirement party might take place. If possible, include persons who may not currently be active in the retiree’s life, but that are sure to invoke pleasurable memories. Be sure to have the invitations out no less than a month in advance, and stress that secrecy will be vitally important. Have a minumum of one or two people lined up to field Questions from anyone around the guest list. Preferably, these people would be people who do not live or work with the retiree, thus minimizing the probability of a conversation getting overheard.

When planning the meals and entertainment for your retirement party, make sure to take into consideration the shape of the retiree. If certain foods must be averted by the retiree, don’t place temptation as part of his or her path. In addition to limiting the foods that the retiree shouldn’t consume, make sure that any dishes or snacks that the retiree enjoys and is allowed to consume are found at the celebration in abundance.

When it comes to entertainment for the retire celebration, take into consideration the personal wants and ethics of the retiree. That means in the event the retiree is more conventional, do not plan to possess a scantily clad male or female leap out of a wedding cake. While this may indeed make the occasion unforgettable, it would be so for the wrong reasons. Utilize prudence and thought in planning the activities.

Surprise retirement parties can be a lot of entertaining for everyone involved. After a little planning and a lot of restricted lips, you can pull it off and make the party something that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

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