Gold Rush: The Search for a Better Life

Everyone knows about the California Gold Rush. Three hundred thousand people went to California because they knew the value of gold. It is still just as valuable today and you don’t have to run to California to get it. It is now available over the internet from a company in Stuttgart, Germany in a form known as Karatbars. It is being sold in a format that maximizes the inherent value of gold.

What are Karatbars?
Karatbars are wafers of pure gold mounted into a credit card-sized plastic holder. The weight of the wafers starts at 1 gram. There are just under 30 grams in an ounce (28.35, to be precise), so at $1,200 an ounce, a gram would cost under $50. Karatbars come in 1-gram, 2.5-gram and 5-gram sizes.

It is this unique packaging of Karatbars that is igniting a new gold rush. Laminating the wafer in a plastic card solves several of the major problems that plague gold.

A 1-gram Karatbar always has 1 gram of gold
People have always shaved gold off the coin they are using as currency. This is why coins have serrated edges, called “reeding”. The gold in a Karatbar is permanently welded into the card and cannot be shaved. The company certifies the weight with a holographic image on the back of the card.

One-gram wafers are affordable for the average person. The high price of gold has made it difficult for the small investor to build a portfolio of this most precious metal. That has led to the use of gold surrogates, such as mutual funds focused on the gold industry. Karatbars allow anyone to buy and hold solid gold in small affordable increments.

Karatbars are a practical solution.
Some people hold gold as an insurance policy against societal collapse. One-gram wafers of gold, permanently sealed to prevent tampering, are perfect for this use because they are a unit small enough to use for goods and services in a barter economy.

This remarkable concept is the brainchild of Harald Seiz, a German financial adviser and entrepreneur. Mr. Seiz was gripped by the idea of Karatbars as a method of monetizing the timeless value of gold. He developed it as means of providing everyone with the opportunity to have financial security and freedom.

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