Comparing the Different University Loan Consolidation Programs

When youre looking for a school loan consolidation to combine your several student loans into a single payment, there are a lot associated with rules that you must follow, especially if your lending options are federal loans. Here, we summarize some of these rules to assist you navigate the school loan loan consolidation maze.

There are two diverse school loan consolidation programs; namely, the Federal Loved ones Education Loan (FFEL) and the Immediate Consolidation Loan programs. Its important to know the difference between both. First, any university loan consolidation that you want blended have to be accepted by the Direct Consolidation Loan Plan. Federal Family Education Loan lenders might acknowledge all eligible loans for the FFEL consolidation, but some lenders might not consist of non-FFEL loans in the university loan consolidation. However, if a loan isnt accepted in the Government Family Education Loan consolidation program, lenders may offer alternative school loan consolidation programs because of these debts.

School loan debt consolidation lenders under the Federal Family Education Loan system must offer numerous repayment programs. Included in this are the standard repayment plan, the graduated repayment plan, a long repayment plan, and an income-sensitive repayment plan. Keep in mind that although these kinds of four repayment plans are offered by almost all FFEL lenders, the actual specifics of the repayment can differ. For example, the income-sensitive repayment plan takes the borrowers income and total credit card debt load into account.

Using the Direct Loan Program, you’re offered the standard repayment schedule, the graduated repayment plan, the extended repayment plan, and the income-contingent repayment plan. Using this income-contingent repayment plan, the payment is based on a formula that can take the borrowers income, family members size, and overall loan amounts into account.

If you default on an FFEL consolidation loan, some lenders may well allow you to include the past due loan into a new loan consolidation loan. However, not all loan companies will offer this option. The Direct Loan Program also has stipulations for consolidating defaulted loans in to new loans. In case you are eligible to consolidate your defaulted loans in to a new loan, you will restore eligibility for government student aid.

Under the Direct Consolidation Plan, you may consolidate your loans while you are participating in school. If you are eligible for an in-school consolidation, you can aquire a six month grace period of time before repayment starts. You might also qualify for a lower interest. If you have simply FFEL loans, you might still get consolidation and sophistication period while still in school through the Immediate Consolidation Loan program. With the FFEL consolidation program, you can only consolidate your loans after leaving school, and all the loans have to be in the grace period or repayment period.

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